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At ECV we know the importance of utilising the products already available on-farm to maximise efficiency. We are able to analyse forages available, balance up the diets and supply high quality raw materials and minerals to allow you to maximise your potential. Please call ECV for straights prices or for assistance balancing up your ration on farm.

Products available:

Wheat Distillers Dark Grain Pellets and Meal

Vivergo (Provergo) Wheat Distillers Pellets

Maize Distillers Dark Grain Pellets and Meal

Barley Distillers Dark Grain Pellets

Supaflow Molassed Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

Sugar Beet Shreds (bagged)

Supabeet Sugar Beet Shreds (bagged)

Soya Hulls


Hi Protein Soya Bean Meal

OilSeed Rape Meal

Sunflower Extraction Meal or pellets

Maize Gluten Feed


Maize Grain (Whole or Ground)

Micronized Flaked Maize (totes and bagged)

Whole and Bruised Barley

Whole Wheat (can be cleaned for Pheasant feeding)


Molasses (Stockmol 20, Molale, Regumix, Regumaize)

Pot ale syrup (Spey Syrup)

Distillers Draff

Biscuit Meal


Amino Green

Volac Megalac Fat

C16 Fats (Energizer RP10, Butterfat ExtraVolac Megafat, Bergafat F-100)


Home and Dry  Grain Preserver (Alkalage, Alkagrain and Alkastraw)

Yara Feed Grade Urea



Agri-sorb is a natural product with exceptional buffering and binding properties.

Biosprint Yeast Farm Pack

Acidbuf  (Calcified Seaweed Rumen Buffer)

Bicarbonate of Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate, Alkakarb)



Limestone Flour

Calcined Magnesite (CalMag)

Fine Salt

Copper Sulphate