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Oxy Seal Silage Film

The quickest and easiest wat to sheet your silage clamp

Reduce waste, save money... and sheet your clamp in half the time

OXY SEAL replaces cling film and black plastic with an all-in-one oxygen barrier silage film.

OXY SEAL will eliminate surface waste, improve silage quality and save you money.

  • Quick and easy to use - No cling fill needed
  • Built in oxygen barrier - Keep oxygen our of your clamp.
  • Uses 50% less plastic
  • Fully recyclable
  • Incredibly strong - Walk all over it!

Sizes available are:

  • 10m x 35m (34kg)
  • 10m x 50m (48kg)
  • 12m x 50m (58kg)
  • 12m x 150m (175kg)
  • 14m x 50m (68kg)
  • 16m x 50m (78kg)
  • 16m x 150m (234kg)
  • 18m x 50m (88kg)
  • 20m x 35m (68kg)

These items are not held in stock at Drumlithie and will be delivered direct to farm so please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

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