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East Coast Viners have been part of the agricultural community in Scotland for over 50 years.
A family run Feed Milling business operating from Stonehaven in the heart of the Mearns, ECV produce a comprehensive range of compound and blended feeds formulated for optimum performance.

Telephone: 01569 740251
E-mail: sales@ecvg.co.uk

Latest News

Cost Effective Protein Options

By Steven Eddie, ECV Nutritionist Feed costs are one of the main factors affecting the overall profitability on beef units. Over the last year the price of bought in proteins has risen greatly. Raw materials like Hipro Soya have seen large price increases which then cause a knock-on effect to other protein products. The Covid-19 Pandemic has […]

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Body Condition Scoring... Have we heard it all before?

By Lauren Mullan, ECV Nutritionist The profitability of any suckler herd is determined by a healthy calf born to every cow every year within a tight calving pattern. Cow nutrition will have a huge influence on this, as healthy cows produce healthy calves and keep production costs down.  If the pandemic has taught us anything its that prevention is better […]

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Magnesium: Why Supplementation is Vital

By Joanne Hay, ECV Nutritionist With the weather changing and Spring teasing its arrival, grass growth starts to increase with the milder conditions.  It is an important time to ensure that suckler cow mineral requirements, more specifically magnesium, are being met. Magnesium is a crucial mineral for suckler cows, playing a vital role in mobilising calcium from the […]

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