Virtual Farm Visits

22nd May 2020

In a time where home haircuts and home schooling have become commonplace, the nation has never been so receptive to the importance of where their food comes from.  When the nation filled trollies in a panic, our customers pulled on their wellies and worked hard to meet demand and fill shelves.  The general public have since realised the great importance of locally produced food and retailers.  Butchers, bakers, and farm shops are all helping to meet demand with fresh, local produce and many offering home deliveries, especially important to high risk customers.    

At East Coast Viners we are exceptionally proud to have been part of an industry that helps keep families fed.  When some people turned to binge watching Netflix, dairy cows still needed milked, ewes continued to lamb, cows still needed fed, potatoes planted, and cereals sown.

At the mill we quickly adapted, like many other businesses to follow guidelines and keep our customers safe.  Social distancing took a bit more adjusting to for a company so traditionally hands on.  We had feed advisors on loaders at 11pm filling much needed orders and nutritionists taking to video calls to allow them to give informed advice. All members of staff have had to become flexible in their roles, including the road sales team helping to bag and load feed when needed.

Dairy nutritionist Lauren Frew has been taking advantage of Microsoft Teams to assess body condition score, rumen fill, lameness, and general health of the cow. These video calls have also allowed Lauren to look at ration consistency and dung formation.  Lauren is a great believer in the value of assessing dung to tell us more about digestive health and feed efficiency.  The software has also allowed our nutritionists to share and discuss silage results with customers, just like we would on a farm visit, just socially distanced and safe.

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