Have You Thought About Harvest?

1st July 2021

With increased propcorn and protein prices this year many farmers are looking at other options for grain treatments and feeding their livestock. One option which may be of interest is treating barley at harvest time with Home n’ Dry pellets to make Alkagrain. See below for some of the benefits of feeding Alkagrain:

  • Increases pH of cereals therefore reducing acidosis risk
  • Safely feed higher starch levels to finishing cattle
  • Lifts protein by 3-4%
  • Utilising home grown cereals to their full potential
  • Highly cost effective

Home n’ Dry pellets can be applied through our on-farm grain processor at harvest time. Our high-capacity bruiser is capable of bruising and treating between 20-30 tonnes per hour. We can also provide Prosid MI700 which is a buffered propionic acid to treat grain with. This product is far less dangerous to handle and much less corrosive than propcorn however sticks to the cereal better and protects from moulds and yeasts for longer. As can be seen from the graph below, Prosid MI700 remains far more stable over the storage period than both straight and ammonia buffered Propcorn.  Esters in Prosid MI700 provide a more gradual release of propionic acid, which protects the grain longer.

To find out more about Home n’ Dry, Prosid MI700 or the services we can provide please contact your local Rep or phone the office on 01569 740251

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