Biosprint is specific live yeast which optimises feed efficiency and consequent animal performance with the following beneficial effects:

  • Stimulates appetite to achieve efficient and profitable production
  • Reduces the risk of feed related digestive upsets
  • Helps animals meet their genetic potential and gives the rumen a chance to work its best

How does Biosprint work?

  • Reduces bloat and acidosis
  • Modulates rumen pH
  • Increases nutrient supply
  • Stimulates forage digesting bacteria
  • Increases microbial protein supply

Biosprint for Beef:

  • Up to 11% increase in DLWG
  • Improved carcass conformation
  • Reduced risk of feed related acidosis
  • Improved feed conversion efficiency

Biosprint for Dairy:

  • Improved milk yield by up to 2.5 litres per day
  • Milk quality improved by stimulating protein response
  • Increased dry matter intake
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