Suitable for: 

Breeding ewes at tupping time.

Ewe Breeder

A mineralised protein and energy feed supplement ideal for breeding ewes at grass at tupping time.

  • Designed to boost ewe body condition and ovulation rate in the pre-tupping period to maximise fertility. Provides a good supply of energy and protein to enhance rumen bug activity, leading to better forage utilisation and increased intakes.
  • High levels of vitamin E and selenium to aid good conception rates and embryo survival.
  • High zinc level icluding protected zinc to support the immune system and hoof health.
  • Contains B vitamins: B12 to enhance rumen function and B1 to reduce the risk of CCN.

Allow one 20 kg per 35 ewes or 40 lambs, or one 80 kg per 90 ewes or 105 lambs.

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