Megastart Ewe & Lamb

A feed tub for highly productive ewes to be fed as lambing time approaches. Including high quality MOS designed to improve immunity and colostrum quality in the productive animal.

Key Features

  • A high intake, free access feed tub used in the 4-6 weeks prior to lambing.
  • Provides ewes with an excellent source of energy from sugars, starch and protected fat and high quality rumen bypass protein to meet the increased demands of the pregnant ewe.
  • A balanced source of minerals, protein and vitamins, including Vitamin E to improve lamb vigour and Vitamin B1 to reduce problems with CCN.
  • Contains a unique MOS, designed to activate the animals’ immune system and improve colostrum quality.
  • Lactose inclusion provides a readily available carbohydrate source.

Feed rate: 100g – 150g head/day, fed for last 4-6 weeks pre lambing.

Available in 20kg and 80kg tubs.

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