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Protect your silage sheets from bird & wildlife damage

Secure Covers make sheeting up silage clamps quick, clean and easy.

Made from tough interlocked knitted HDPE, Secure Covers are used over silage sheets and held in place with Secure Gravel Bags,

Secure Covers cans also be used to protect bale silage, ag bags and straw stacks.

  • Flexible, knitted structure reduces 'wind lift' to keep the sheets in place
  • Made from tough, non-fray interlocked material - 300g/m2
  • Quicker, easier and cleaner to use than old, dirty lorry tyres
  • Full 10 year UV stability guarantee
  • Available in a full range of sizes

Sizes as follows

  • 8m x 10m - 24kg    12m x 10m - 36kg
  • 8m x 12m - 29kg    12m x 12m - 43kg
  • 8m x 14m - 34kg    12m x 14m - 50kg
  • 8m x 16m - 38kg    12m x 16m - 58kg
  • 8m x 18m - 43kg    12m x 18m - 65kg
  • 8m x 20m - 48kg   12m x 20m - 72kg
  • 8m x 22m - 53kg   12m x 22m - 79kg
  • 8m x 25m - 60kg  12m x 25m - 90kg
  • 10m x 18m - 54kg
  • 10m x 25m - 75kg



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