Suitable for: 

Barley Beef

A high energy blend for ad-lib feeding of Bull Beef with straw for forage or even on slats. Formulated for maximising daily liveweight gain, optimising killing out and carcass conformation. Fortified with the vitamins and trace elements necessary for productive finishing. Contains Biosprint live yeast which increases feed conversion and daily live weight gain. Do not feed to sheep. For full advice contact ECV Animal Nutrition.

  • High Energy (12.3ME) for above average live weight gain
  • Highly palatable for high feed intake and increased live weight gain
  • High starch content, ideal for putting on flesh
  • Contains Acidbuf to reduce the risk of acidosis on ad-lib feeding
  • Can be fed from 12 weeks of age
  • Full levels of vitamins and minerals to assist herd health, boost vigour and ensures optimum live weight gain

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