Suitable for: 

Lambs aged between 2-3 days and 3-4 weeks old.

Lamb Creep Pellets

A very high quality pellet for growing lambs. Ideal for lambs 2-3 days old to 3-4 weeks old. Pedigree lambs may be fed on creep until weaning. Top quality raw materials to ensure palatability, which encourages intake. Very digestible high nutritional specification for growing lambs. Mineralised to reduce the risk of urinary calculi. Can be fed ad-lib along with forage and water.

  • Very palatable with inclusion of SBP- Increase intake, rapid growth and rumen development.
  • High Energy- Optimum DLWG and faster growth.
  • Safmannan (Yeast Cell Wall)- Promotes beneficial bacteria, aids gut health, reduces risk of scour.

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